Land Registry

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Land Registry Excerpt

It includes identification of the property, ownership, rights (full ownership, mortgage, usufruct, etc.), and surface or area, nature and boundaries of such property.
This service includes, if so requested, the translation into English of the Land Registry Excerpt.

Location Excerpt

It provides mere information on the location —Registry, province and municipality— where either a natural or legal person owns any registered properties or rights.

Access: digital certificate.

Online Registry excerpt

Online Registry excerpts allow immediate access to permanently updated Registry information valid for five calendar days,
It includes the same information as the usual Registry excerpt and a summary of the content in the Registry’s Entry Book corresponding to the property object of consultation.

Location certificate of LAW 12/2023 on the Right to Housing

It provides real estate ownership and usufruct a person is entitled in order to prove his/her rights in accordance with articles 3.k of Law 12/2023 (on the Right to Housing) and article 439.6 of the Civil Procedure Law.

Access: digital certificate.

Professional mortgage holder excerpt

This kind of publication provides merely instrumental information about the number of current mortgage rights registered in the name of either a natural or legal person throughout the country.

Access: digital certificate.


A certificate trustfully certifies the content of Registry’s entries. Only a registry certificate can prove the existence or non-existence of liens on a registered property and rights for purposes of third-party enforcement.
They are considered evidence of a public document.

Access: digital certificate.

Geographical Alerts

Property Alert Registry Service will send you email alerts of any incident or new development that may occur on your monitored properties.

Alert to owner

Through this service, any change made to the object of interest is reported. Rights over properties, encumbrances, ownership, notifying the holder whenever occurs a request to access to the content of the books.

The Land Registry stores the acts that apply to property or real ownership to real estate, whether they were privately or publicly owned.

Do you need the registration information in English?

Translations of Land Registry excerpts are done by skilled translators specialized on registry issues to obtain the closest and most accurate translation of the original document issued by the Land Registry Office.

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Tailored statistics

Learn how the Spanish mortgage and property market works through registry records in the Land Registry.


Electronic Submission

Submit electronically Books, account deposits and private, legal and administrative documents.

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