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Welcome to the Interactive Land Registry Information Service provided by the Public Law Corporation of Land and Mercantile Registrars of Spain


This website has been created to help international users to leap over the language and legal terminology barriers which sometimes make difficult for non residents interested in investing in Real Estate in Spain, to properly assess and interpret information issued by the Land Registry Offices.

For legal information on the status of property ownership and encumbrances, please click here.

By filling in a simple Information Request form, which will be assessed by a dedicated support team, your request will be forwarded to the competent Land Registry Office, where an ordinary Information Extract will be issued within hours of receiving the request. This Extract will be then passed on to our team of skilled translators who will translate the Extract into English, using the closest, most accurate, legal English terms to represent the legal status of the property of your interest.

Although every effort will be put in achieving the most faithful translation possible, please bear in mind that Continental and Common Law legal systems differ to a certain extent, and therefore an exact match in translating certain legal concepts may be impossible to achieve. For the preceding reason, all legal concepts in the Extract will be in any case interpreted in accordance with the legislation in force in Spain, and in case of discrepancies regarding the translation, the Spanish version of the Extract will prevail.

To facilitate the examination and comparison of the original extract and its translation, the information is presented in a double column format, with every information item sided by its translated counterpart.

A Sample Land Registry Extract with the most common entries explained in plain English, is provided as a reference to interpret the Extract.

The Land Registry Extract is issued (and invoiced) by the competent Land Registry Office of the territory where the property is located, and is priced at 9.02 Euros plus VAT (21%) for each individual property. VAT applies in all cases according to article 70 of the VAT act, as this service is rendered over real estate located in Spain.

The Translation Service is provided by Colegio de Registradores de España Translation of each extract is priced at 30 Euros, VAT (21%) being applicable only to UE residents requesting information as End Users. Corporate Users (those with a EU registered VAT number) are exempt. Other exemptions may apply to certain territories and jurisdictions within the EU, by virtue of specific fiscal regulations and treaties. Notwithstanding the pricing policy described above, documents which exceed, both in length and complexity, the average extract, may not be eligible for translation services. In such cases, once the LR Extract is issued by the LR Office, the applicant will receive an email providing two options: A) cancel the request for translation and receive the LR Extract in Spanish (9.02€ plus VAT) or, in case the original LR Extract is of no for the applicant use without the translation, to receive a reimbursement of 9.02€ (plus 21%VAT) invoiced by the LR Office issuing the original Extract.

Typically, an Information Request will involve a single property, however a complex or broad request, may involve more than one property implying that more than one Land Registry extract and translation will be required. In these cases the Support Staff will contact the User via email to inform of the number of properties the request has returned and the total costs to proceed with the consultation.

The lead time to obtain the Land Registry Extract and the translation will take typically three working days, although it may take up to a week, depending on the complexity of the legal information to be translated, or if an action from the user is required to complete the process (e.g: problems with the supplied credit card).

Real Estate is identified in the Land Registry Offices of Spain, by means of the name of the Municipality, the Land Registry Office and Registry Section and the Land Registry Property Number. It is advised to also furnish, if available, the Volume, Book and Sheet number where the property is registered. A unique real estate registry identifier exists called: IDUFIR, which stands for: IDentificador Único de FInca Registral, allowing to single out a specific property in all the Spanish territory. In absence of the aforementioned data, which may not be known by the prospective investor, the user will need to provide all the data he knows like the postal address of the property including th e municipality, current or former owners, as well as any other details which may help the Land Registry identify the property.


Effective October 21st 2013, conditions and fees applicable to Land Registry Extract Translation Services provided by Colegio de Registradores de España, are updated as follows:

• Translation fee is now 30€ plus 21% VAT (it used to be 20€ plus 21%VAT).

• The number of words (in a single document) eligible for translation under the general conditions and fees of the service is increased by 20%.

• Notwithstanding with the increase in the size of documents eligible for translation, certain Extracts of extraordinary length and complexity will continue to be excluded from the fixed price translation service, not being possible in such cases to provide the service in the general terms and tariffs.

• The applicant will now be able to download the invoice of translation services from the same link he receives via email to retrieve his/her translated document. It will also be possible to obtain the Invoice from the Land Registry that issued the Extract.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the Land Registry Extract, faithfully reflects the legal status and situation of the property including the description, ownership and emcumbrances, only at the exact time it was issued. Please bear in mind that the status of the property may vary at any time in the interval between the moment the information is issued by the Land Registry Office and the time the translation is completed and made available to the applicant.



This land registry extract is issued in Spanish by the Land Registry Office of the area where the property is located, on the date and time stated above. It describes the features and legal status of the property at the time of issue and its effects are referred to that moment exclusively. Please bear in mind that this translation of the land registry extract, carried out by Colegio de Registradores de España, is performed and delivered after the extract is issued, so any change that may be registered after the issue of the excerpt will not be included in the translation. Thus the land registrar in charge of the Land Registry Office, Colegio de Registradores de España shall not be held liable for any damages, direct or incidental, caused by any act or decision made by the applicant on the grounds of this translation, in case subsequent changes in the legal status of the property occurre after the date and time of issue of the land registry extract originally issued in spanish by the Land Registry Office.