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Company excerpt

It includes general company's details, social capital, legal representatives –directors and attorneys-in-fact-, registered acts published in the BORME, filing of annual accounts and legalised official books.

Filing of annual accounts

The filing of annual accounts includes general company's details, balance sheet, income statement, annual report, changes in equity and cash flows.

Risk report

It contains, on a single folio, basic information of the company, its economic and financial position with respect to the sector in which it operates, as well as its insolvency risk (Additional Provision 7 of Law 16/2022, 5 September, which amends the recast text of the Insolvency Law).

Certificate of incumbency


It states the good standing of a company and a legal representative of such.

Access: digital certificate.

Certificate of good standing and incumbency

It proves that a company is active and operational and includes the name of all members of the current board of Directors.

Access: digital certificate.

Certificate for the issuance of a Legal Person Representative Certificate

It proves the current position a legal representative holds within the board of Directors of the company, or the faculties granted to such officer, to obtain a digital certificate for use of legal persons.

Access: digital certificate.

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Electronic Submission

Submit electronically Books, account deposits and private, legal and administrative documents.

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